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Review: Invisigun Reloaded – A Tense Action Title Blessed With An Ingenious Twist

Invisigun Reloaded, Nintendo Switch, August 22!

This is the biggest Invisigun update to date, and the culmination of 5 years of painstaking blood, sweat, and tears. I left a large chunk of my soul embedded in the code of this game, and it drops on Nintendo Switch on August 22nd – with full PC crossplay for online multiplayer battles! I’m beyond excited, and here’s what you can expect…

The Hero’s Journey

In the massive, all-new Hero’s Journey, you’ll be able to discover each of the 9 original hero’s unique abilities through puzzle rooms, skill challenges, and boss fights. Before jumping into local or online multiplayer stealth battles, you can find a hero that matches your playstyle at your own pace. The Hero’s Journey was developed to be very challenging, but three accessibility modes and secondary objectives ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

3 New Heroes

By completing any of the original 9 Hero’s Journeys, you’ll be able to choose one of the 3 all new heroes to unlock for multiplayer battle modes. Djaan-Khe lays invisible traps that can ensnare and slow foes, Zephyr can fake a shot with a decoy and teleport where it hits, and Violet can send and recall a floating orb that she can use as a remote turret.


An insane amount of work, polish, balancing, and new content creation went into relaunching Invisigun Heroes on consoles (and the PC update will match). Hence, it’s Reloaded! Here’s what’s behind the new name, and changes in the update:

  • Challenge Mode has been removed. The Hero’s Journey essentially replaces Challenge Mode for several reasons. It is designed from the ground up as a proper single player campaign that is challenging and engaging while teaching players each of the 9 original hero abilities. In a game that is all about stealth, bluffing, adaptation, and trickery, the challenge mode was a wrapper around bot matches that frankly did not represent the magical feeling of playing against clever human opponents. It was never as good as I wanted it to be, and rather than misrepresent how the game feels – especially to new players – the Hero’s Journey was carefully crafted as a new separate experience to compliment multiplayer. That said, you can still create battle matches and enable bots for the same experience that was in Challenge Mode.
  • Guest Edition has been removed. The free demo was always intended to be up for a limited time, and it was easy enough to support it through multiple PC updates. However, an insane amount of work went into porting Invisigun for consoles, and maintaining the Guest Edition functionality was becoming a little burdensome in the growing codebase. It may return at a future point, but would require some rework, polish, and testing – no promises!
  • The price will be $19.99, but the update is free. Most of the development effort went into creating what is essentially an entirely new single player game, and the new price reflects this. It amounts to what some games would add on as premium DLC, but with an online multiplayer title I didn’t want to fragment the player base and have multiple “editions” floating around to complicate things. Everyone who owns the game gets the update for free on August 22nd, just like any other update, so this felt like the most reasonable solution to me.

As with any update, you can always view the complete changelog here. Thanks for supporting me on this quest, and spread the word!

Invisigun @ Minefaire this weekend

Invisigun Heroes will be at Minefaire this weekend, April 13th-14th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Come chat with us in the indie game section, enjoy some intense multiplayer battles, and get a sneak peek at the new content on the way later this year. Hope to see you there!

2019: Console, Journey, 3 new heroes. Now: 2-year anniversary sale!

I’m overjoyed to finally be able to discuss everything that’s in been development – but secret – for the past year. This spring (release date TBD), Invisigun Heroes will launch on consoles (Switch, PS4, Xbox One), with a massive amount of new content. The update will go live for all desktop players at the same time (Steam, itch.io, etc). Many more details will emerge in the near future, but here’s a quick overview of the new content:

  • The Hero’s Journey: This brand new single player campaign presents you with a challenging set of puzzle rooms for every hero that culminate in a boss fight. The rooms and boss will require that particular hero’s ability to solve, and they provide a ton of offline content to enjoy while at the same time better preparing you for multiplayer strategies.
  • 3 New Heroes: By completing a journey, you’ll be able to choose a new hero to unlock. The specifics of the new Heroes are still a surprise, aside from their names: Zephyr, Djaan-Khe, and Violet.
  • Unlockables: Completing the journeys will also earn you a brand new shot style you can choose when selecting heroes. The rooms also have collectible microchips that provide an additional challenge on top of just completing it, and picking them up will unlock more and more scoreboard emotes for use in multiplayer battles.

To commemorate such a joyous occasion and the 2-year anniversary of Invisigun’s desktop launch, it’s 50% off for the next two weeks – and all the content above is on the way for free!

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