2019: Console, Journey, 3 new heroes. Now: 2-year anniversary sale!

I’m overjoyed to finally be able to discuss everything that’s in been development – but secret – for the past year. This spring (release date TBD), Invisigun Heroes will launch on consoles (Switch, PS4, Xbox One), with a massive amount of new content. The update will go live for all desktop players at the same time (Steam, itch.io, etc). Many more details will emerge in the near future, but here’s a quick overview of the new content:

  • The Hero’s Journey: This brand new single player campaign presents you with a challenging set of puzzle rooms for every hero that culminate in a boss fight. The rooms and boss will require that particular hero’s ability to solve, and they provide a ton of offline content to enjoy while at the same time better preparing you for multiplayer strategies.
  • 3 New Heroes: By completing a journey, you’ll be able to choose a new hero to unlock. The specifics of the new Heroes are still a surprise, aside from their names: Zephyr, Djaan-Khe, and Violet.
  • Unlockables: Completing the journeys will also earn you a brand new shot style you can choose when selecting heroes. The rooms also have collectible microchips that provide an additional challenge on top of just completing it, and picking them up will unlock more and more scoreboard emotes for use in multiplayer battles.

To commemorate such a joyous occasion and the 2-year anniversary of Invisigun’s desktop launch, it’s 50% off for the next two weeks – and all the content above is on the way for free!

v1.6.114 – Maintenance update & Russian relay servers

Greetings! The latest patch (live now on Steam & itch.io) is all about bug fixes and some big performance gains (if for some reason your computer was struggling to handle it). There are also two new relay servers regions added for non-direct fallback connections: Russia (Moscow), and Russia East (Khabarovsk). There is a huge amount of new content that is very far along, but is still a secret. I promise I’ll be able to reveal it soon! As usual, you can always keep up to date with what’s coming down the pipe for the next patch here: www.sombr.com/pub/SIG/changelog.


  • NET: Added server region: Russia (Moscow)
  • NET: Added server region: Russia, East (Khabarovsk)


  • Performance improvements across the board
  • UI: Added a status indicator icon when players are slowed
  • GAME: Carrier now bounces off walls
  • GAME: Carrier is affected by conveyor belts
  • GAME: Proximity doors jammed-open time reduced from 15s to 10s
  • AETHER: Pound will affect the carrier
  • SELENE: Slight effect added when double and triple jumping
  • IRIS: Ability boost changed to leave a trail of fire behind her dashes


  • IRIS: Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause Iris to overshoot her dash target by a hair (and bump)
  • IRIS: Fixed collision issues when dashing into mine carts
  • EPI: Fixed hidden indicator for replays and specators when ghost Epi is inside igloos
  • UI: Fixed Steam nickname not showing up if host chooses a hero before clients join
  • UI: Fixed initial value of planet progress in challenge setup
  • UI: Fixed match information not updating in local match lobbies when changing settings
  • UI: Hero profile demos will auto correct if they mess up due to framerate or performance issues
  • UI: Fixed black screen after dialog dismissal when an online match fails to be created
  • UI: Instant replay text is dismissed when skipped quickly
  • NET: Fixed unresponsive lobby if a host recreates a match after being disconnected
  • GFX: Fixed pixel misalignment sprite wall seams on a bunch of map borders
  • GFX: Fixed frozen hero sprites when running while firing
  • GAME: Fixed issue where players could occasionally get momentarily stuck against a tile
  • GAME: Fixed potential for embers to spawn while the match is not active
  • GAME: Fixed meteor falling / impacts while the match is not active
  • GAME: Fixed up some mine cart interactions with Iris’ dash
  • Triple Trouble: Fixed missing center tile for zone control

2018 Autumn Sale: 70% off!

For a limited time, Invisigun Heroes is only $4.50 on all storefronts (Steam, itch.io, Humble). This is most likely the last major update on the road to console release, aside from any bug fix patches that may spring up. All of my work is now focused on the major new content which will be released with the console ports. Stay tuned, thanks for your ongoing support, and spread the word!

v1.6.100 Update: Ability Boost and Emotes :D

The latest patch is now live, with a pretty massive changelog! While most of you will care most about the new features, I’d definitely encourage you to check out all the other updates and fixes. Most notably, you can now edit the match settings without having to leave the player lobby, which should help you keep your group together online. This patch also tremendously improves initial network connections when creating and joining online matches, and a bunch of surrounding edge cases. Alright, on to the shiny stuff!

Ability Boost

Ability Boost is a hero-centric powerup that affects each character in a unique way. It’s now more important than ever to pay attention to what powerups your opponents have picked up, because Ability Boost can really shake up the match dynamics.


If you die in a round and other players are still battling out, you can pass the time by choosing a quick emote to display on the scoreboard UI. When the round is over, your chosen emote will also show up over your hero’s remains on the battlefield. Stay tuned for many more emoticons to come in future updates!

Dualshock 4 Lights

Self-explanatory. This was pretty satisfying to add. :)


  • New powerup: Ability Boost
  • UI: You can choose an emoji to display on the scoreboard after you die
  • UI: You can now edit the match settings without leaving the lobby!
  • UI: Dualshock 4 lights reflect in-game player colors (except via Bluetooth on Mac)
  • NET: Online matches will auto start from the lobby after 30s of inactivity
  • NET: All matches will auto return to the lobby after 30s of post-match inactivity


  • Land Grab: Markers appear a little bit faster when you’ve reached a tile
  • NET: Better selection of open UDP ports
  • NET: Remote players option is now 3 choices: None (local only), IP/LAN, or Online
  • UI: Unified inputs for all pause- and context-menu interactions (Start/ESC to toggle, Fire to interact)
  • UI: Better render texture selection for screen recording depending on platform
  • UI: Loading indicator in lobby shows when match is preparing to start
  • UI: Most menus and options now wrap vertically and horizontally when navigating
  • UI: Map selectors show an indicator for how many maps there are & which you are on
  • UI: Updated Cerebrus planet look
  • UI: Unified lobby actions menu and start match behavior / inputs
  • UI: Hero profile demos updated; some have a second player to show ability interactions
  • GAME: Improved handling to protect against saved data corruption
  • SFX: Increased buffer for simultaneous replay audio cues (less dropped replay SFX)


  • EPI: Ghost cluster bombs have much shorter stun time to prevent stun lock
  • EPI: Fixed situations on ghost death (real Epi dying, position swapping, etc) (regression bug)
  • RONIN: Slash will correctly hit multiple players and projectiles in its path (but powering up is capped)
  • SELENE: Fixed Selene leaving soot footprints even if jumping over Cronus’ bomb impact tiles
  • GAME: Fixed potential for minecarts to bump objects on opposite side of a shot hitting them (for real)
  • GAME: Fixed empty powerup crate falling once on clients if all powerups are disabled (for real)
  • UI: Some localization fixes for button labels
  • UI: Fixed being able to navigate to the title screen bulletin items even if they aren’t visible
  • UI: Fixed cooldown indicator errors if pausing and resuming before ever having spammed abilities
  • UI: Fixed some display issues with hidden indicators in replays
  • UI: Controller reference in pause menu shows more info about each player (type, ping, nickname, etc)
  • UI: Partial GIF files are deleted if the export process is canceled
  • UI: Fixed different spectator modes visibility in time delayed situations
  • UI: Fixed fade-in on tips screen
  • UI: Fixed copyright date
  • UI: Potential fix for instant replay starting too soon, overlapping the “Match Over” message
  • UI: Some Italian localization corrections and updates
  • NET: Game doesn’t soft-lock on catastrophic network transport layer failures
  • NET: Fixed edge case that could leave a client in a joining state while the match is being delisted
  • NET: Fixed potential for online lobbies to fail to continue after playing local matches
  • NET: Fixed LAN matches not broadcasting for local network discovery after multiple match sessions
  • NET: Fixed LAN match joining
  • NET: More reliable LAN broadcasting and discovery
  • NET: Removed duplicate LAN match listings due to multiple network interface broadcasts
  • NET: Fixed LAN matches counting as online matches in stats
  • NET: Fixed delayed spectators end-of-match soft deadlock if the remote kill happens during the countdown
  • NET: Fixed an issue that could cause some matches to not properly list and delist from the matchmaker

Invisigun is 50% off to support Total Biscuit & cancer research

Until September 15th, the good folks at chrono.gg are running a sale for games that Total Biscuit loved, with 100% of their proceeds going to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a charity chosen by his wife Genna Bain. As a big supporter of Invisigun, John Bain really helped a ton of players discover it, and I am happy to be able to hopefully contribute to this great cause. This a great collection of games, including Redout: Enhanced Edition, War for the Overworld, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, Dying Light, Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, XCOM® 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Mafia, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, and Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

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