Invisigun 1.8.7 Performance Patch

Invisigun Reloaded v1.8.7 Has been released for Steam,, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. Please update to enjoy online crossplay.

There have been some issues with the Nintendo Switch release that affected several things during online play, and this patch focuses on fixing that! This should resolve all issues with Land Grab and Carrier, as well as stuttering and hitches that occurred with 3+ players. In general, this optimizes a lot of things under the hood and performance should be more consistent in all areas of the game, including offline multiplayer and the single player journeys. If you have a PC with limited specs, these performance improvements should benefit you as well.

On the new features front, this release also includes full Russian localization! As usual, here are the detailed patch notes:


  • New localization: Russian


  • GAME: Performance optimizations
  • GAME: Faster startup
  • GAME: Framerate locked at 60fps to prevent timing drifts
  • GAME: Vsync disabled and setting removed due to sync timing issues
  • UI: Adjusted some button target visuals for clarity
  • UI: Much improved UI performance in online lobbies
  • UI: Warning when time-based modes are almost over is more clear
  • JOURNEY: Aether's boss shows shields on all body segments instead of just the head
  • JOURNEY: Regen shield time on Carmen stage 6 increased from 0.5s to 0.75s


  • UI: Fixed letterboxing shadows in middle of screen
  • UI: Localization corrections
  • UI: Fixed some text labels' display in Japanese
  • UI: Fixed offset scrolling positions in options menus
  • UI: Possible fix for blank interface elements (sanity checks when data loading on startup)
  • INPUT: Fixed some instances where control would be lost
  • NET: Fix for some disconnection cases when returning to the lobby after a match
  • NET: Fixed degrading network performance as a match progresses
  • NET: Fixed online stuttering and hitches after the first round
  • NET: Fixed incorrect shot style being set on clients
  • NET: Fixed freezing that can occur in Zone Control and Carrier modes
  • NET: More accurate framerate-independent timers for online modes
  • GFX: Fixed Selene's jump shadow showing in the wrong location for 1 frame
  • GFX: Fixed Phoebe instantly showing at her teleport destination for 1 frame
  • IRIS: Fixed being able to dash over Djaan-Khe's traps
  • EPI: Fixed not triggering footstep effects if activating ability midway to the next tile
  • DJAAN-KHE: Fixed not triggering footstep effects if activating ability midway to the next tile