v1.6.114 – Maintenance update & Russian relay servers

Greetings! The latest patch (live now on Steam & itch.io) is all about bug fixes and some big performance gains (if for some reason your computer was struggling to handle it). There are also two new relay servers regions added for non-direct fallback connections: Russia (Moscow), and Russia East (Khabarovsk). There is a huge amount of new content that is very far along, but is still a secret. I promise I'll be able to reveal it soon! As usual, you can always keep up to date with what's coming down the pipe for the next patch here: www.sombr.com/pub/SIG/changelog.


  • NET: Added server region: Russia (Moscow)
  • NET: Added server region: Russia, East (Khabarovsk)


  • Performance improvements across the board
  • UI: Added a status indicator icon when players are slowed
  • GAME: Carrier now bounces off walls
  • GAME: Carrier is affected by conveyor belts
  • GAME: Proximity doors jammed-open time reduced from 15s to 10s
  • AETHER: Pound will affect the carrier
  • SELENE: Slight effect added when double and triple jumping
  • IRIS: Ability boost changed to leave a trail of fire behind her dashes


  • IRIS: Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause Iris to overshoot her dash target by a hair (and bump)
  • IRIS: Fixed collision issues when dashing into mine carts
  • EPI: Fixed hidden indicator for replays and specators when ghost Epi is inside igloos
  • UI: Fixed Steam nickname not showing up if host chooses a hero before clients join
  • UI: Fixed initial value of planet progress in challenge setup
  • UI: Fixed match information not updating in local match lobbies when changing settings
  • UI: Hero profile demos will auto correct if they mess up due to framerate or performance issues
  • UI: Fixed black screen after dialog dismissal when an online match fails to be created
  • UI: Instant replay text is dismissed when skipped quickly
  • NET: Fixed unresponsive lobby if a host recreates a match after being disconnected
  • GFX: Fixed pixel misalignment sprite wall seams on a bunch of map borders
  • GFX: Fixed frozen hero sprites when running while firing
  • GAME: Fixed issue where players could occasionally get momentarily stuck against a tile
  • GAME: Fixed potential for embers to spawn while the match is not active
  • GAME: Fixed meteor falling / impacts while the match is not active
  • GAME: Fixed up some mine cart interactions with Iris' dash
  • Triple Trouble: Fixed missing center tile for zone control