The Cronus Update – Available Now!

The Cronus Update is now live (v1.6.1), with perhaps the most exciting content addition so far: a brand new hero! With the new Bomber ability, you can deploy a moving target and lock it in to call in a lethal airstrike. Cronus is all about area denial, flushing out opponents, and flanking while they are preoccupied. Grab the free update on Steam &

Addicted to military science, Cronus was a protégé of the great Tactical General Lunarra. “Keep your eyes on the skies, boys.”

In addition to a new hero, enjoy the new planet Cerebrus with 7 new maps (and a few more to come)! This planet contains maps created by Kickstarter backers who donated at the Cartographer tier, and they were allowed to freely mix and match pieces from different worlds. Expect a little zaniness.

Last but not least, the game is 100% localized for Latin American Spanish (ES-419). I’m looking forward to new cadets. :)


  • New hero: Cronus
  • New planet: Cerebrus (Kickstarter Cartographers’ designs)
  • New Cerebrus map: Temple Garden
  • New Cerebrus map: Triple Trouble
  • New Cerebrus map: The Four Seasons
  • New Cerebrus map: Aqueduct
  • New Cerebrus map: Ice Prison
  • New Cerebrus map: Cold Storage
  • New Cerebrus map: The Conundrum
  • Localization: Spanish (Latin American, ES-419)


  • UI: Added ability to change the game mode in the post-match menu
  • UI: Improved map thumbnails (reflects game-lighting)
  • UI: Time-based game modes modifier increment changed from 10s to 5s
  • UI: Changed UI title font to support more localization glyphs
  • GFX: Cluster bombs match their owner’s color


  • UI: Fixed “FREE” resolution setting in windowed mode always reverting back to fixed sizes
  • UI: Fixed resolution / bluriness when using Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen