Invisigun Heroes is live!

Kickstarter Backer Keys

PLEASE NOTE: Every Kickstarter backer that completed their survey should have received their Steam and keys by now. Most were sent out about half a year ago, but some people never received the mass email, or it got caught in spam filters – my apologies if this was you. If you're a backer and don't have the game, please message me on Kickstarter and I will send you your keys ASAP!


Today marked one of the biggest milestones for Invisigun – it's now officially released on Steam and for the world to play! Thanks to all the backers for funding the game, and to all my friends for helping with production, convention madness, and general morale boosts. Yesterday Ali and Danny worked all day capturing gameplay footage, then we worked until about 5:00 AM to cut together this alternate trailer that really goes into detail about exactly how the game works:

SXSW Gaming expo

I'll be taking a slight break (which actually just means not working 24/7, and maybe a normal, healthy schedule), and addressing any immediate bugs and fixes that need attention post-launch. Following immediate fixes, we'll be exhibiting the game in the SXSW Gaming expo Indie Corner from March 16-18 during which attendees will be able to vote on their favorite multiplayer game. Wish us luck, and hope to see some of you there!


While continuing to make improvements to the game, I'd like the Cartographers to download it, have fun, and start thinking about your custom maps. You'll be able to design a map using any of the pieces currently in the game, and you can even use the built-in Field Guide from the main menu as a handy reference to all the interactable elements at your disposal. Later, I'll send out a scheduling link where you can sign up for a Skype time slot, and we can build the map together in real time.