Rewards, development, community, and press

Art and pins shipments

The backer rewards are shipping now, as noted by the last quick campaign update on Kickstarter. They're still going out in batches as Gallery Nucleus gets to them, so keep an eye out for yours if you are a backer with a physical reward. Please note that there are pin(s) inside the packaging in a small brown paper bag, so don't throw that out. Unless of course you can't stand pins, then by all means, go right ahead. :|

Along with continuous bug fixing, miscellaneous todos, and ongoing ability / balance experimentation, work is progressing on the desert / temple planet, Arenae. I'm really happy with the progress and visuals so far, and it has an interesting new mechanic that involves switches to toggle various environmental changes. The first one implemented is for barrier tiles that retract into the floor, which can dynamically change the map layout. Up next will be shifting walls, which should also make for interesting map designs as well.

Arenae, the desert temple world

We've also been working hard on the music, and are almost through all the secondary tracks (each planet will have 2 associated music tracks). I'll have a preview of the new music for Glaciarii in the next update.

A lot of the development work is stuff that isn't necessarily interesting to most players or backers, but is necessary for the foundation of the game. Many development hours are spent on things like game event/notification systems, dialog boxes systems, in-house tools / map editor improvements, etc. They don't make for very exciting updates, but are vital for release.

Since the Kickstarter campaign started, several awesome artists have contributed some Invisigun fan art, and I couldn't be more pleased. It honestly makes my week whenever someone shows me one, and the latest one is a fantastic action shot of Iris from George Rottkamp. Check out the amazing attention to details of the game, including the skull on the floor, and the headphones port on the gun! I decided to make a section on the main Invisigun Heroes page dedicated to any fan art that comes in, check it out!

Iris, by George Rottkamp

I've also had the privilege of talking with some press and podcasts over the last couple of months, so check out these episodes for some interviews with me about Invisigun development. They were all amazingly kind hosts.

Thanks again for all the support… charging forward!)