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Sombr is a Los Angeles-based game studio focused on creating projects with integrity. Our goal is to make the games that we want to play, and hopefully others do too.




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    Shadi Muklashy
    Code, Design, Audio




    Ali Bavarian

    Yujin Choo
    Concept Art

    Sombr was founded in June of 2014 by Shadi Muklashy, who was raised on Intellivision, an Amiga 500, and "Golden Era" 8- and 16-bit consoles. Armed with a comp-sci degree and a never-ending yearn to create, he honed his engineering skills in the desktop, mobile, and web industries as a Senior UX Designer for the Citrix GoTo- suite, Ruby on Rails front/backend developer for Gallery Nucleus and other startups, and contractor for iOS apps. Shadi's heart was always in games, and after self-publishing a couple iOS games, he worked for three years as Lead UI and Sound Designer at Adhesive Games on the Steam-released mech shooter Hawken. Sombr is an attempt at returning to fun, novel ideas with a tiny team, and Shadi currently handles design, development, and audio duties.

    Ali is a classically-trained pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and voice-actor. Heavily influenced by traditional classical pieces as well as the melody-driven tunes of the 8- and 16-bit era, he has worked together with Shadi at Paper Sound to compose the official soundtracks for titles such as The Game of Life - Zapped, Brainsss, and Hawken. If left to his own devices, Ali would perpetually write melancholy songs (thus fitting right in at Sombr), as those are the most beautiful and emotional of all pieces. When not writing music, you can find him testing Sombr projects in development.

    Yujin Choo is a Los-Angeles based concept artist and game industry veteran. She was contracted by Sombr to work on designs for Invisigun Heroes, and created the whimsical and dynamic character concepts that were then translated to pixel art form.

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