Come play Invisigun Heroes at PAX South 2016

The Kickstarter campaign is going strong – 40% funded in 5 days –  though it is about to enter the frightening and much-reported-about slow middle period. I’ve been contacting as much press and blogs as I can about the project, and I hope to keep this up as much as possible over the next few weeks. I’m in debt to you all for backing the project, and if you can help spread the word to anyone that may be interested, that will be tremendously helpful through the middle of the campaign!


I do have some exciting news – Invisigun Heroes will be playable this weekend at PAX South 2016. We’ll have a small half-pod booth in the PAX Rising indie area, and if you or anyone you know is attending in San Antonio, please stop by and give the game a whirl. I’d love to meet some of you in person and answer any questions you have, and if anyone’s on the fence about backing, there’s no better way than playing it for yourself to help your decision.


Logistically, trying to plan for PAX and running the Kickstarter at the same time is quite a challenge. To make matters more interesting, I’m driving to San Antonio from Los Angeles which will add about 4 days of round-trip driving on top of the convention. However I do get to borrow this super large display and some other gear in exchange for helping to haul along some equipment for another exhibitor. :)

I really hope I won’t be too out of commission during the drive and convention, but most likely all my email correspondence and catching up will happen each night. I also have a bunch of press meetings booked, so coupled with the booth presence I think it will give the Kickstarter a little bump during this time. So many things! I wish I could hug you all!

The Kickstarter is live!

I started drafting this post just before launching our Kickstarter, but was immediately overwhelmed upon launch. As I write this the campaign is 30% funded and it has only been two days! I’m so grateful for all the support so far, and am more committed than ever to deliver the game that all these new fans are hoping for. It is a relief to see that other gamers have an interest in Invisigun’s concept, and the comparisons to Towerfall and Bomberman put it in really amazing company.

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Invisigun Heroes has been a full-time project for me for the past 1.5 years – but this meant my savings were dwindling with every passing month. My goal was to be far enough along on the project that if I ran a fundraising campaign, backers could be very confident with the promise of fulfillment. I didn’t want to pitch just a concept or unskinned prototype – I wanted something more complete to instill that confidence, and worked all the way up to what I believed was a solid pre-alpha. Since the scope of the game (online features, many varied environments) requires about another year’s worth of work, I chose Kickstarter as a means to be able to keep working on it full time.

So far it’s been a joyous and disorienting couple of days here, and I think the highlight so far was this article on Kotaku. Not only did it describe the nuances of the game better than I have, but this quote made my day:

“maybe the best kickstarter video i’ve ever seen”
– Luke Plunkett

I know that Kickstarters tend to slow down after the initial launch, but there’s a lot more excitement on the way – we’ll be at PAX South at the end of this month, so if you’re in San Antonio and attending the expo, please stop by our booth. I’d love to meet you, and we’ll have a working 4-player build of the pre-alpha for visitors to check out. Stay tuned for more info about the expo in the next few days!

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