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Invisigun Heroes is a multiplayer, single-screen stealth battle arena with a twist: everyone’s invisible – including you! Predictable grid-based movement ensures that you know where you are, but other players don’t. Vigilance is key as environmental tells such as footprints and other disturbances will point out careless cadets. Using special abilities and firing your Invisigun will also momentarily give you away. Along with powerup drops, these mechanics reward stealth, reflex, forethought, deception, and awareness. A variety of lovingly-made environments, maps, game modes, and abilities combine for high replayability and a deep path to mastery.

  • Compete with up to 4 players or bots on a single screen
  • Test your skills in a single player challenge mode with 3 skill levels
  • Mix and match local and online players
  • Control your hero using gamepads or the keyboard
  • Enjoy hand-crafted pixel art made with care
  • Battle your friends using a variety of heroes, each with unique special abilities
  • Explore 70 maps spread across 6 planets, each with unique interactivity, hazards, and weather effects
  • Choose from a variety of game modes playable on every map for deep replayability
  • Customize the game mode conditions with match modifiers
  • View hilariously revealing instant replays that expose tactics
  • Share instant replays as animated GIFs
  • Groove to the custom pulsing, ambient soundtrack composed by Paper Sound
  • Survival: last hero standing wins a point each round
  • Hunter: every kill earns a point
  • Zone Control: maintain control of a small area to score points
  • Deadline: most kills within a time limit wins
  • Carrier: survive the longest while carrying the token
  • Land Grab: claim the most territory on the map to win
  • Beast Tamer: tame the wild beasts and collect rewards to win


2017 Game of the Year
""One of the most original games I've ever played in my life ... executed to absolute perfection.", "I've never played a game where I've felt so much [expletive] joy or elation.", "You can feel like an idiot, and the smartest guy in the universe, all in the same round.""
- Cynical Brit Gaming, Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit (January 19th, 2018)

【PCゲーム極☆道】第六回:見えないけど流行ってほしい「Invisigun Heros」
- IGN Japan (October 29th, 2017)

Invisigun Heroes, combats invisibles et magouilles entre joueurs
- IndieMag (October 18th, 2017)

Too Fast to be Seen with the Naked Eye
"... your screwups will make you smile or laugh more often than they’ll induce you to ragequit."
- Tanya Decarie, Retronuke (October 10th, 2017)

Cool Invisibility in Multiplayer Games
"To be honest, playing this game gets me more on-edge than playing any cover-based FPS in the world."
- Gavin O'Reilly, Screen Looker (September 25th, 2017)

『Invisigun Heroes』が本日より正式日本語対応 キャラ全員がステルスの、シューティングバトルアリーナ
- Famitsu (June 23rd, 2017)

Rakuen, Invisigun Heroes… À quoi joue-t-on ce week-end ?
- Cyrielle Maurice, Numerama (June 11th, 2017)

The best local multiplayer games on PC
- Bo Moore, Tom Marks, PC Gamer (May 12th, 2017)

Invisigun Heroes Review – Can’t See a Problem
"Knowing you are outsmarting other players and being the last one standing after a frantic exchange of gunfire brings a very rewarding feeling."
- Jimmy Russell, Geek Snack (March 26th, 2017)

Quest For The Couch: Invisigun Heroes (Invisible Multiplayer Mayhem)
- Jacob, The Technical Miracle (March 22nd, 2017)

WTF Is... - Invisigun Heroes ?
"... one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences I've had in years"
- Cynical Brit Gaming, Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit (February 17th, 2017)

Invisigun Heroes launches on Steam
- Sam Bishop, Gamereactor (February 9th, 2017)

Towerfall meets Bomberman in Invisigun Heroes, now out on Steam
- Tom Marks, PC Gamer (February 8th, 2017)

A Game Where Everyone You're Trying To Kill Is Invisible
- Luke Plunkett, Kotaku (February 8th, 2017)

Prairie Nerds: Invisigun Heroes wants you to shoot at the unknown
""... an impressive mix of quick draw shooting and stealth gameplay.""
- Chris Moore, Tulsa World (September 24th, 2016)

Making Invisigun Heroes with Shadi Muklashy of Sombr Studio
- Zachary Strebeck, Legal Moves (April 23rd, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes Puts an Invisible Twist on Classic Bomberman Gameplay
- Brandon Orselli, Niche Gamer (February 20th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes, Like Bomberman If Everyone Was Invisible
- Chris Priestman, Silicon Era (February 18th, 2016)

Top 5 Kickstarter Games: February 2016 Edition
- Jared Katz, VGChartz (February 15th, 2016)

Whiteboarding It Episode 1 - Shadi Muklashy And Invisigun Heroes - by
- Game Introspection, Whiteboarding It (February 15th, 2016)

Built on memories: winning the approval of your childhood self
"With Invisigun Heroes, I wanted to create something that feels at home in the world of my memories, but still holds a strong presence in the contemporary gaming landscape."
- Shadi Muklashy, Unity (February 10th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes offers new twist on multiplayer battle arenas (Interview)
- Jesse Tannous, (February 8th, 2016)

PAX South: No One Saw Invisigun Heroes Coming
"To restate, it is difficult to describe Invisigun Heroes on paper in a way that matches the actual brilliance of play. The way this title was put together elevates it past the sum of its feature design."
- Jason Bohn, Hardcore Gamer (February 7th, 2016)

Impressions: Invisigun Heroes (PAX South 2016-Build)
"Because of the invisibility mechanic, it adds a different magnitude of depth that a Bomberman game could never achieve."
- mtberryyoshi, Game Introspection (February 7th, 2016)

The Question Bus: 0 - Shadi Muklashy of Invisigun Heroes at Pax South 2016
- Keir Miron, The Question Bus (February 4th, 2016)

TFN @ PAX South - Invisigun Heroes (Single-Screen Stealth Battle Arena)
- Mitch Turner, The Trinity Force Podcast (February 3rd, 2016)

The Best Games at PAX South 2016
"this looks like one of the most promising multiplayer games of the show"
- Eric Van Allen, Paste Magazine (February 2nd, 2016)

Seeing is believing — Invisigun Heroes preview
"A simple concept can make for the best games."
- Eric Van Allen, Gaming Trend (February 1st, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes – PAX South 2016
"I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it being a popular YouTube and Twitch game after its launch."
- Jaime Skelton, MMO Huts (January 30th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes could be the next Towerfall Ascension
"Invisigun Heroes is one of the first games I've played that could give it a run for its money."
- Tom Marks, PC Gamer (January 30th, 2016)

Episode 03 - Invisigun Heroes
- Our Gaming Life (January 29th, 2016)

キャラクター全員がステルス状態、4人対戦シューター『Invisigun Heroes』のKicstarterキャンペーン開始
- Shun Kurosawa, Automaton (January 26th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes (Interview)
- Peter Ward, Retro Gamesmaster (January 26th, 2016)

Trailer Roundup for January 25, 2016
- Lena LeRay, Indie Games (January 25th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes: Game bắn súng với toàn bộ nhân vật đều... vô hình
- F.F Chocobo, (January 23rd, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes isn't your typical battle arena
- Jordan Devore, Destructoid (January 22nd, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes Should be Anything but Invisible
- Josh Griffiths, Cliqist (January 21st, 2016)

Dans le shooter Invisigun Heroes tous les joueurs sont invisibles… même vous
- Cyrielle Maurice, numerama (January 21st, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes: In diesem Shooter ist jeder Spieler unsichtbar
- Daniel Kirschey, spieletipps (January 21st, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes Is A Shooter Where Everyone's Invisible, Even You
"maybe the best kickstarter video i’ve ever seen"
- Luke Plunkett, Kotaku (January 20th, 2016)


Let's Play - Invisigun Heroes with Chad
- LetsPlay (July 15th, 2017)

WTF Is... - Invisigun Heroes ?
- TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit (February 17th, 2017)

The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 158 ft. ITMEJP
- TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit (February 16th, 2017)

Invisigun Heroes: A Multiplayer Stealth Shooter | Should You Buy?
- BouseFeenux (September 2nd, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes AWESOME!
- Video Games Awesome! (February 21st, 2016)

The Attack - Invisigun Heroes
- Orbyt Play (February 20th, 2016)

Indie Games: Invisigun Heroes
- VisNomadic (February 17th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes | SNEAK PREVIEW | PEW PEW!!
- Enmoshin (February 12th, 2016)

EXCLUSIVE Look At Invisigun, The Best Indie Game From PAXSouth2016 - With Souper Gaming
- Souper Gaming (February 9th, 2016)

Alpha footage of Inivigun Heroes! New topdown pixel shooter!
- BouseFeenux (February 8th, 2016)

Invisigun Heroes: Can You SEE the Potential?
- KittKattAttack! (February 4th, 2016)

BACK FROM PAX SOUTH! Manly Game Previews & Trip Summary
- ManlyBadassHero (February 3rd, 2016)

Pax South 2016 - 5 Games I Liked
- Mogamu (February 2nd, 2016)

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